"Communicating with your camera" photography course with Robert A. Reeder — Day One

The five-day course with Robert A. Reeder was an unquestionable must for me. I have already written on my blog about this world-class photographer, ex-editor of photography at Washington Post, who lucky for us is staying in Moldova for a while. The course I am attending is organized by Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism.

The first day contained general information about composition with samples of work from Bresson, Eugene Smith and from Robert’s work in Moldova. We had a mission of making pictures in the nearby Military Museum, select five best and discuss them afterwards, which I did as follows:
Chişinău,Chisinau,Military Museum,Military Museum,Mom,Mother,Military vehicle,Moldova,Photography course assignment,Child

This wasn’t actually intended to be part of the five selected pictures — I’ve just mistaken the numbers. Robert said that the lowest part beneath the wheel contains no information and a continuation of the diagonal of the vehicle (on the top) would be much more informative. Fair enough.
Why would I delete this picture directly from my camera? It says nothing, the boy is blurry because of movement + too slow shutter speed, stupid details popping in and out — like the gun from mother’s behind for example.
at the Military Museum in Chisinau,at the Military Museum in Chisinau,Chisinau,Military Museum,Photography course assignment,Military vehicle,Moldova,Boy
Robert said: „Focus…” meaning that the image is blurred. It’s because of motion + slow shutter speed.
He also said that this is a better one with a strong part being the line of the wheel . I’ve selected it from a dozen of similar pictures. The blur is unacceptably strong. On the small camera screen it looked sharper. From a news photography editor’s perspective it’s a fail, of course.
Chisinau,Military Museum,Moldova,Soldier,Photography course assignment
This one was passed fastly. My opinion is that I failed to show the inside of the vehicle (the curve line is the wheel of a military vehicle) thus making 80% of picture’s area completely useless. A crop would save it from a composition point of view. The soldier’s look is interesting, but more information is needed to give it a meaning. Fail.
Chisinau,Military Museum,Military vehicle,Moldova,Soldier,Photography course assignment
Everybody laughed.
Chisinau,Street,Boy,Ice-cream,Photography course assignment
Robert said „This one is good. It catched the Henry Cartier Bresson moment”. It was an encouraging exaggeration.